All About You – Emily’s back!

The last time we saw Emily she was signing off to concentrate on her upcoming exams. You might assume that would mean having her head in a book revising or relaxing as much as possible when not. Taking the foot off of the gas and just spending time with Storm in a leisurely way. Far from it!!

Emily has been unbelievably busy and as usual has kept her little activity book up to date so we can let you know what the team have been up to. Riding 7 horses, multiple training sessions across a variety of disciplines and tackling the biggest courses they have come across. Added to this Emily and Storm took on their first and second one day events. The results and lessons learned can be found out below.

Without any further ado, here is Emily with the update in her own words.

Emily is back!!

Hi everyone, it’s Emily!

It’s been a while since my last blog due to exams and other commitments. Storm and I have been having lots of fun though.

Let me run through whats been happening since i last updated you.


We started off in May with our first fun ride of the year which was awesome, Storm loved it!

I attended Badminton horse trials for the cross country day with a few people at our yard, we really enjoyed ourselves, It was awesome.

The day after Badminton it was time to prepare for my first one day event.  We began with some cross country at Dene Farm with lots of dressage practice throughout the month. Our first one day event, at Moreton equestrian centre was next. We took part in the unaffiliated 80, our dressage was good with a score of 37.8 and went clear in the showjumping. Sadly, after some miscommunication on the cross country, I ended on the floor 3 fences before the end. This was really disappointing but it served as learning curve that reminded me I need to ride all the way to end of the course and not relax too early.

I sat my first GCSE on the 16th of May and soon after went to both Tenantry Farm and Bovington for cross country training. Storm and I schooled round lots of 90s and 100s, Storm was fab throughout.

Finishing off the month we had a showjumping lesson with my trainer Sarah, at Crofton, which went really well. We finished round a course of 110-120 and a single 125 oxer before Storm decided I should taste test the arena surface at the scary water tray.

All in all May was a really successful month, we did our first one day event, went to lots of new venues for training and competition and jumped lots of sizeable fences! Storm was 100% on top form


To start off June we went back to Bovington for some showjumping, we jumped the 80 and the 90 coming 4th in the 90.

A different challenge saw me take my mums horse, Ari, to some low level showjumping at a local livery yard.  She came 2nd in the 70 and 2nd in the 80!

We had a few more lessons with Sarah to prep for my second ODE. Trying the unaffiliated 80 at Moreton equestrian centre again. Results were a little different this time, achieving 25 in the dressage, following up with a clear showjumping run. A silly stop, where I got lost out on cross country cost us, but it was a much better event this time than the first.

I did my last GCSE on the 23rd and had prom on the 24th which was amazing everyone had so much fun. Storm and I celebrated the end of the GCSE’s by going showjumping, coming 2nd in the 85 and 4th in the 90.

June ended with an extreme gridwork clinic with Sarah, this really was super hard work but really fun and the added learning was brilliant.


July started off with more training, going to Glen Farm and doing some working hunter with Sarah.

Bovington has become a venue of choice for cross country. We visited again and tried out the 100 course and a novice fence too, which was awesome. With the heat being as extreme as it was, we spent the first 4 weeks of our extra time off hacking and bathing the horses.

I ended up riding six horses this month. I started riding my friends Hattie’s horse, Izzy, to help her to get her fitter. This was on top of riding Storm, Ari and Rooski! It was a fun few weeks just enjoying having horses rather than having any pressure. On the 16th we headed to the beach at 4am which was amazing, Storm absolutely loved it and it was an awesome experience, beating both the heat and the crowds.

Then my friend Connie went on holiday so Katie and I went down to ride her two horses to keep them in work. The busy month continued as we then had a prom photoshoot with the horses. This was followed by a jumping lesson with Sarah which was fab.

A trip to Kingston Mauward was next. Showjumping was the challenge and we came in 5th in a HUGE 95. This is the biggest course we’ve competed over.

I had a few down in the 85, this was definitely a lesson learned. I pushed too hard with a severe lack of breaks but nevertheless it was a good day.

So, we definitely did a lot over the last few months and have had a really successful few months competing and training!

August Aims

We have various things planned throughout August which i’m really looking forward to. This will include 2 cross country clinics and a variety of other lessons. This is super exciting and something I am really looking forward to. At the beginning of September we have a few hunter trials and events planned too so lots to report back on next time.

Right now though we are just enjoying the summer and planning to do as much as we can before college starts in September.



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