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Today is the turn of Blogger Cailin Capall who runs the blog The Irish Horse Life and decided to take up writing about her adventures with Full Set Fred & Annaghbeg Cu Chulainn after moving back “home home” and getting “back to the countryside” after some time in the city.

Cailin started adding to her blog in September 2016 and has been posting monthly updates since then, progressing from her training and improvement plans, which had been the initial purpose of writing, to matters of horsey interest ranging from feeds & supplements to a trip to Olympia and has even found time to list a section solely for hints and tips found along the way.

A photo containing the image of Full Set Fred & Cu Chulainn
Cu Chulainn & Full Set Fred

Why do you blog?

“I love the training and working at continuing to improve (sometimes it’s just banging my head against a wall). But then I love writing about it too. It’s therapeutic”

Cailin’s words hold something i am sure everyone with horses can relate to, the daily routines even when not feeling the greatest, what works when faced with a poorly horse, how to improve on competition results and has some lovely photos of her extended family and scenery along the way.

To find out more about the adventures of Cailin, Fred and CC follow the link below or you can catch her on social media through Facebook & Instagram under the account The Irish Horse Life.

Thank You

We would like to thank Cailin for giving her permission to use her images and for being the first entry in our All About You section. We hope you enjoy reading about her adventures as much as we did during our research.

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