Exhibitions – They aren’t all cancelled!

Winter Season

A few weeks ago we would normally have seen the official start of the winter season.  Although technically autumn, the preparation for the December to February winter season has always been busy through October and November. The Horse of the Year show has generally been the starting point with many an exhibition night spent there. Followed very quickly by Your Horse Live and of course Olympia in successive months.

Olympia 2013 throwback
Olympia 2013 throwback


Events across the world have obviously been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. Safety has naturally been a key aspect to many decisions being made. As such the call was made to cancel the exhibitions we all know and love.

Olympia made their announcement on the 14th September

HOYS was quite a while before that, back in July.

Happier News

Although cancelling their live event. YHL will be running a virtual event from the 6th – 8th November. The online event will be completely free but if you register prizes are there to be won and who doesn’t like entering competitions! So if this interests you please click here for more information.

We will be running our own special surprise through November. Keep your eye on our social media for more details.

Happy times at Olympia

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