Harness the Power of Heated Horse Rug Driers

Harness the Power of Heated Horse Rug Driers: The Equine Comfort Revolution

In the equestrian world, we’ve always prioritized providing our horses with the best care, comfort, and equipment. And in that spirit, we introduced you to a game-changing innovation: heated horse rug driers. But what exactly are these devices, and why are they fast becoming a staple in stables worldwide? In this blog, we will dive deep into the world of heated horse rug driers, exploring their benefits and impact on equine care.

What are Heated Horse Rug Driers?

Heated horse rug driers are innovative devices designed to dry wet horse rugs quickly and efficiently. These driers use heating elements to evaporate moisture, leaving horse rugs warm, dry, and ready to use. They can dry soaking wet rugs in just four hours. Heated horse rug driers come in a range of sizes and capacities, from compact models for individual horse owners to large-scale units capable of drying multiple rugs at once for commercial stables and equestrian centres. Explore our whole range here

Why do you need one?

6 Bar Heated Horse Rug Dryer in wall mounted position

There are many benefits to having a heated horse rug dryer, here are a few reasons for needing one.

Comfort and Care for Your Horse

Imagine slipping on a wet raincoat on a chilly day. Uncomfortable, isn’t it?

Our horses feel the same way. Keeping your horse’s rug dry is a crucial aspect of their comfort, especially during the colder months or in damp climates. A heated horse rug dryer ensures your horse will always have a cozy, dry rug to wear, regardless of the weather.

Health Protection

Wet horse rugs can pose a significant health risk to your horse. They can become a breeding ground for bacteria and mold. Potentially leading to skin irritations and infections. By quickly drying your horse rugs, heated driers help to eliminate these risks. Whilst providing an extra layer of health protection for your equine companion.

Veterinarian, Ursula Palm, MScVM,  explains: “Leaving wet or damp blankets to dry on your horse will predispose for skin diseases, such as dermatophilosis (rain scald, rain rot), dermatophytosis (ringworm) and staphylococal dermatitis. For sport horses and geriatric horses, warmed-up blankets may as well be beneficial for the muscles“.

Veterinarian, Ursula Palm, MScVM,  explains: Heated Horse Rug Dryer benefits for you horse.

Longevity of Horse Rugs

In addition to ensuring the comfort and health of your horse, heated rug driers also help extend the lifespan of your horse rugs. Continuous exposure to moisture can degrade the materials in horse rugs over time, but quick and efficient drying can prevent this wear and tear, saving you the cost of frequent replacements.

Introducing Centaur’s market leading Heated Horse Rug Driers

Centaur has been a leading name in the equine industry for over 20 years now, offering a range of high-quality heated horse rug driers. Manufactured in Southampton, England and built for efficiency and durability. These driers provide a reliable solution to keeping horse rugs dry and ready for use. We take pride in the quality of our products, and as such, all Centaur Heated Horse Rug Driers come with a 10 year guarantee against faulty material or workmanship and a 3 year guarantee on electrical parts. Whether you’re an individual horse owner or run a professional stable, Centaur has a heated rug dryer to meet your needs.

With their ability to keep horse rugs dry and prolong their life, heated horse rug driers are proving to be an essential tool in equestrian care. By prioritizing comfort and health, they help ensure that our equine companions remain happy, comfortable, and well-protected against the elements. After all, as horse lovers, isn’t that what we all want?

What others say

Let’s hear from some horse owners why they love their Centaur heated horse rug dryer;

Great, reliable products at an affordable price, without compromising on quality. We would be lost without our dryer! – Michelle Maslen

Brilliant product so useful with our weather! Wanted one for ages. – Louise Graham

Our 4 rail rug dryer is a total life saver! I no longer have to worry about what I’m going to do for rugs the next day after a soggy day as every morning they’re toasty warm and dry – keeps the horses happy too rather than having to carry round heavy, cold, wet rugs! – Anna Jesty Dressage

You can see more reviews by following this link or hopping onto our socials.

So, as we head into autumn and start preparing for cooler, wetter weather, why not join the Centaur revolution?

A Centaur heated horse rug dryer might just be the addition your stable needs to keep your horse comfortable, healthy, and ready to face the day, no matter the weather.


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