The Secret Beach

Entertaining the Kids

You will have no doubt recieved our email or seen this on our social media pages. When the schools closed we wanted to help. Entertaining the Kids was born. We sent a series of links to various activities that we hoped would help ease the boredom.

When things had settled, schools slowly sent through work. In the case of my children it was through Google Classroom. Recieving a task of recording what animals or insects they saw on a walk. I put a plan in place.

Time off

I was lucky enough to have booked a week off on with phenomenal weather. We had just been informed we were allowed to travel. To get exercise I went back to where i grew up. My wife, children and I were set for an adventure.

It started off as a walk through the countryside. Taking pictures of horse’s, sheep and listing the insects and animals as we passed. We even manged to spot a dragonfly and a brightly coloured butterfly. They also had the opportunity to walk through an area with a badger set.

The Secret Beach

A mile and half into the walk and we stumbled across what is now regarded as “The Secret Beach”.

A stoney beach that has a river of sorts behind it. We had found the spot for our picnic. The weather was lovely and there were very few people around. The image above gives you a lovely insight to the day.

The children loved the opportunity to paddle in the sea and the river. They had also enjoyed a lovely walk to it. Keeping themselves entertained along the way as well.

We had found our favorite spot. We had completed the school homework and had decided to return later in the week. This time with swimming costumes.

This got me thinking back to Places to Visit blog.

Places to Visit

With your help we would like to create a series of top places to visit. The must go to places in the UK & Ireland. Naturally you may want to be on your four legged friend. It could also be somewhere you go without.

We found our new favourite place to visit by chance.

What have you found by chance?

What are you putting forward?

Remember you can nominate as many places as you wish. All we ask is you send a photo in as well.

You can send them to us through here or on our social media pages, just watch out for the appropriate posts.

Remember to share with your friends as well.



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