Wheels or Upright – Which way is best?

Which way is best?

The most commonly asked questions we receive surrounds this very topic.

  • Can we stand the dryer up?
  • Does it dry quicker standing up or on it’s wheels?
  • Is it more efficient on it’s wheels?

We have fielded answers to a variety of questions like those above. So we thought it would be good to blog on the benefits of both ways.


First things first it could simply be space that makes the decision for you. Some may not have the area available to have the dryer on wheels and upright is the only option. Part of the reason it was built to be so versatile was because of this potential space issue.

When upright the dryer offers another set of arms to dry things on. As can be seen in the picture below there are now rails going across perfect for saddle pads, tack or anything else you need to dry really.

A disadvantage of having them this way is the height. Standing 6 foot 6 tall this way may be an issue for the vertically challenged, a ladder or step may be required to counter this. Safety is paramount when using steps or ladders so please be careful when lifting those wet rugs.



Again space can be the decision maker. The area you have available may not be tall enough to fit the dryer standing up so wheels could well be your only option.

The advantage of using it on wheels is that you have the ability to move the dryer around to different areas. This makes it more appealing to yard owners who need to go from one block to another. It also helps when the dryer is co-owned and rotated between owners.

We have had customers who have wheeled the dryer outside to hose down their rugs and clean them whilst resting on the dryer. If you are going to attempt this please ensure you only do so when it is unplugged.


So now you’ve seen the little list we can offer about what makes one way more appealing than the other. It’s a tad hard for us as we love the dryer regardless of which way up it is. What do you think? Have you got a reason other than space for your dryer being upright or on wheels? Let us know by commenting on our social media pages under this post.


Care to share your great ideas?

Over the years we have received methods used by others to get the most out of their dryers. We are looking to write a piece for next month on the things that have worked for you. Perhaps even compile a list of strange things you’ve dried on yours. Drop us an email with yours on [email protected], or contact us through social media.





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