A quiz with a difference


How do you entertain the kids when you are out or on a car journey?

The lorry game?

Eye spy?

a quiz?


Quiz time

It’s funny when you think about it. The odd question that will pop into your head. In this case it was the question that popped into my daughters head.

Which animal has the biggest eyes? A horse i said triumphantly.

Wrong! i was told.

It turns out it was’t a random question. She had Googled the question and came up with the answer already. A colossal squid, for those wondering.

My daughter then proceeded to Google “Interesting facts about horses”.

It was quiz time once again but with an element of humour involved. Quickly followed by…..

Fun Facts

Did you know……..

Horses can’t burp (you can imagine the fun a young child attempted to have with this)

Horse’s can’t be sick

Horse’s a measured in hands (she then tried to measure her brother by “hand”)


When horse’s look like they’re laughing they are actually sniffing out smells

Laughing Horse

but her favourite one was….

A horse’s ear points where it is looking, if the ears are pointing different ways they are looking at two different things!

Visual a girl going cross-eyed trying to do something similar and you’ll have the exact image i had in front of me.

What do you have?

Whilst it’s clear my daughters knowledge came from Google. What quirky things do your horses get up to?

Let us know in the comments below or on our social media pages.

You know we love seeing pictures if you have them to share.

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