Horse Height – Does it really matter?

It’s an interesting topic that will no doubt bring lots of debate.

Horse Height – Does it really matter?

Having seen a number of posts about horse height since the turn of the year, i decided to ask the question.

I thought what better audience to pose it to than the wonderful Centaur family.

Stories of exaggerated horse height from the “my horse is bigger than your horse” brigade. Tales of horses not being the size they were advertised to increase the chance of a sale. There are many others that made me question my personal thoughts.


Thought process

My personal thought process was about the connection between horse and rider. The comfort for both parties. I started to think, am i missing something?

Is there an advantage to having a taller horse in competition?

Does body shape play a part?

So it is over to you, what do you think? What are your views?


Your feedback

After our initial post on social media the comments were very similar.

The two Emma’s above commented on our Facebook page. Size was only important to Emma Faulkner based on the Horse Boarding events, where a larger stride is a must to compete. Emma Finnigan commenting about the horse and rider being “well matched”. Our thought process wasn’t too far off after all.

Team Tunnah Equestrian agreed with their Twitter reply;


@theirishhorselife replied through our Instagram page commenting “it’s more the ability to carry weight”

So far the comments seem to concur with our initial views, do you have a different one?

Comment below and let us know.


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