Education and practice breeds results

Education and practice breeds results!

Whether you are learning a new language, learning to drive or in our ambassadors case training new members of the team, the above statement rings true.

In the case of two of our ambassadors, this weekend, the proof is somewhat in the pudding. Two teams with two amazing weekends with each getting slightly different results but having the same overall goal.

Charlotte Dujardin was at the Hartpury Festival of Dressage this weekend. Part of the very impressive Team Hester that starred on every day of the event. A click on the link will take you to the latest news page where you can see exactly how they got on. Nothing short of impressive, and here’s what Charlotte had to say….

The key factors for me in this message are;

“the horses really showed their talent and what exciting prospects they are”

“I am just so grateful to have them to train and build a partnership with”

It looked like a mammoth weekend for Sam Griffiths and his young team at the Barbury International Horse Trials. Weetabix would be the fuel of choice as 6 of the yard would be performing. The competition gave the chance to both educate the young team and practice in the field. The Head Girl Charlotte Andrews got in on the action as well. You can see from the Facebook post below how they all thought the event went!

The goal for both teams was clear from the off. Careful education and building the experience and partnership for future events, it’s a marathon not a sprint. Both teams felt they had a great weekend.

What do you think? How do you judge your events?

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