The Power of Words

Words! A very powerful form of communication. Whether written or spoken we all use them to tell someone about something.

“Oh My Goodness
This is fantastic
My Staff at my riding school are going to be soooo happy – NO MORE SOGGY BOOTS!!!”

You may remember that these were the words of Lara Lubin after finding out she had won the Heated Boot Dryer Competition late last year.

Perhaps you saw the image below where we received a glowing review without even knowing. That was until an Instagram hashtag search bought it to our attention and we saw a lovely message from someone going under the name of whatworks4horses. This post gives information from a users perspective on the Heated Horse Rug Dryer itself and the service they received, a picture paints a thousand words!

Whether an end user like whatworks4horses, Lara Lubin, or one of our ambassadors, telling other people about experiences is fantastic to read. Testimonials can give others an unbiased view on products that they wouldn’t find out anywhere else. Centaur horse rug dryer owners have always been a great source of advice, many an exhibition has seen our customers talking to potential owners about their product and how they use it.

Leah posted her review on our Facebook page, you can also find us on Twitter too.

We have found that when customers come to us most have done their research and looked at what others have had to say, testimonials really have helped. So with this is mind, have you left your review?

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