Protecting Your Horses Health

Protecting something or someone you love is a key factor in life. Making sure they are healthy and protected from illness as best you can. Ursula Palm MScWM, who is an FEI permitted treating veterinarian, sees the Heated Horse Rug Dryer as a key piece of equipment to help you achieve that.

It was really good to hear, from a veterinarian point of view, the benefits of our rug dryer and why it should be deemed more important than just a way of saving money on horse rugs and heating up your tack room.

The key factors that came to light during our conversation;

“When used on your horse, blankets should always be dry.”

“Leaving wet or damp blankets to dry on your horse will predispose for skin diseases such as dermatophilosis (rain scald, rain rot), dermatophytosis (ringworm) and staphylococcal dermatitis.”

“For sport horses and geriatric horses warmed-up blankets may, as well, be beneficial for the muscles”

Prevention is better cure is an approach we have always been a fan of so it was good to see these views shared by a professional. Prolonged wetting, and in turn the cracking of the skin surface allows bacteria to enter and cause an infection so ensuring rugs are always dry protects the skin and keeps it dry, therefore helps to prevent any infection from occurring.

It is clear after seeing these points why, in Ursula’s view, although a horse rug dryer will help you save money by prolonging the life of your rugs/blankets it should be considered more for the health benefits it brings and the potential diseases it can prevent.

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